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I am so excited to share this collection with you! Today, I have 3 new designers- Saskia Smith of The Wolf and the Tree, Gabriela Longfish of Chalk and Notch, and Holli Coats of Hello Holli.


Lets jump right in! My sewing days for girls items are limited, and this collection offered me it’s own challenges, as I worked to accommodate her changing shape! When I was approached, I had an idea in my head with the vibrant red and a sophisticated holiday print. When I asked Jody about it, she saw this Matryshoka fabric, she fell in love! It was back to the drawing board!

Let’s start with the tights! These are Abby’s Footed tights from Wolf and Tree. Saskia has created a wonderful pattern! The directions were easy to follow. The Pattern comes in sizes: 0 – 14! It includes layers,  regular and extra wide yoga waistband, elastic waistband, easy sew option, side accents, french seams option, cloth diaper fit, and a quick instructions sheet. She also includes a glossary, which is helpful if you are still learning knits!

These fit wonderfully, and the option to use a thicker 4 knit (I used a Riley Blake Knit) for tights makes  it all the more appealing for the cooler months here in California!


Next, Lets check out the Blue Ridge Dress from Hello Holli! Holli’s debut pattern is adorable!

The Blue Ridge Dress is a sleeveless dress with a fitted curved bodice, single button back closure, full gathered skirt, two length options, french seams, and uses bias binding and trim. Her unique bodice construction results in a beautifully finished garment inside and out, with no unfinished seams!

The pattern includes sizes 12m-14

I loved the design, but found that with my developing daughter it was not as flattering as I’d hoped; however, I’m excited to experiment with some mods to make it work for her but I definitely had to modify this one for Jody. I modified how I sewed the bodice to avoid using bias for binding it. This was a simple modification:

1. Sew the bodice together at the shoulders and repeated for the lining.

2. Place bodice and lining right sides together and pin along the armscye and neck.

3. Sew along armscye and neck. trim the seam allowance and/or notch along the curves.

4. Place side seams right sides together and sew

5. Turn bodice right side out, pulling bodice through one of the shoulders. Press well and topstitch.


I gathered the skirt and attached, then tried it on for fit…and we hit a snag…with the shape of her body, the long dress looked very ill fitted and frumpy!  after a few moments of initial panic and brainstorming, I pinned the skirt up to look like a bubble and success! so I measured how far up for an acceptable length and off to the ironing board to measure and pin! I ended up pulling it up 10″ rather than a 2″ hem that the pattern calls for, which gave us the  bubble look and a cute retro length that she loves!

I loved the design, but found that with my developing daughter it was not as flattering as I’d hoped; however, I’m excited to experiment with some mods to make it work for her


Finally, we have the Fishtail Kimono by Chalk & Notch. Gabriela’s design for this is so fun! The Fishtail Kimono is loose-fitting with a gathered back yoke and dropped hem detail. Sizes included are 18-24 months to 12. I of course had to play with it, and decided to put a pleat in the back rather than gathering, and I love the end result! I also used a rolled hem rather than a traditional hem just for some visual detail on the red. I played with lace, and it just wasn’t what I was looking for!


We tried it on with the dress, and it didn’t flow as well as we had hoped with the shorter length, but she loves it for over a tee and her jeans! She has requested a couple more of these, and I am excited to play with the pattern some more- a longer length, narrow sleeves, a shorter sleeve with a cuff…I will be sure to share these when they are finally sewn!



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  1. It looks great and I’m glad to see you really worked with it to make it work for you and your daughter! The short length is so fun, and I love the matryoshka doll fabric!


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